No More NYC Foam Ban: Good Riddance!

There has been a long standing debate on the use of foam products for all sorts of uses, in just about every city around the country, and a ton of them have actually gone as far as to ban the use of foam completely. New York City was one of the cities that went for an all-out ban on the use of such products, which caused a lot of debate, but there is great news, as the ban has officially been over turned.

This had caused a lot of problems for all sorts of people around the city, as many businesses use these types of products each and every day, which is great, as they are so cheap to purchase. When the New York foam ban went into effect, these businesses had no choice but to use alternative products, which ended up costing a lot more money. This was not good for anyone in the city, which is why it is so great that the ban has been reversed.

The other side of this ban was the fact that a lot of environmentalists complained that this type of foam was not able to be recycled and that the bulk of the products were winding up in landfills. The reason that this was such a huge problem, as a great deal of them argued, was the fact that polypropylene products do not break down for over five hundred years, meaning that the landfills were going to stay that way for a very long time.

However, foam absolutely can be recycled and in fact, there are all sorts of cities around the country that are focusing a great deal of their efforts on streamlining a process of recycling foam. Reversing the ban in New York City is great for the people in the city, as well as the environment and is a very promising decision that has a lot of people excited around the country.

There are still certain areas around the United States that have foam banned, but hopefully this decision will make other cities around the country think about reversing their bans on all sorts of foam products. The reality is that the use of foam is a great thing for all sorts of companies and industries out there, which is why it is such a positive thing that New York City has gone ahead and reversed their decision.