The Advantages of Natural Gas

Natural gas is becoming widely accepted as the best fossil fuel out there, both for your pocket as well as for the environment. Understanding why this is, as well as the advantages associated with natural gas, can help you to choose if it is the right option for your home.

Natural gas does have one major limitation as a commercial product. Since it is sold in a liquid form it is difficult to transfer overseas and is therefore generally consumed in the country in which it is produced. Since the United States has notable reserves of natural gas which are just being fully understood today, the cost of natural gas is low in comparison to the cost of other fuels such as oil heating and coal. Natural gas reserves are abundant, safe, and often located near the major population centers which cuts down on the transportation cost.

Further, natural gas urns cleaner than these other fuel sources and is thought to be significantly better for the environment as a result. It is also easier to extract natural gas from the ground than it is to extract other forms of petroleum and oil. This leads to an avoidance of the environmental concerns associated with fracking. Since natural gas is transmitted via pipeline to centralized locations and then transferred to homes via natural gas pipes, trucks need not be used to transfer natural gas to homes and businesses around the country, using natural resources and adding to traffic congestion as a result.

Natural gas vehicles have lower fuel emissions than oil cars and are another example of the environmental friendliness of the substance. While the infrastructure for supplying natural gas vehicles is still in its infancy, it has beeen ramping up quickly and providing added benefits for those who are looking to drive vehicles that run on natural gas. Cars and other vehicles can be converted to run on natural gas vehicles relatively easily and with little added cost.

Natural gas used burns clean and efficiently and will reduce the costs that you have if you were using other oil forms. Therefore, not only is natural gas a cheaper option per volume, it is also a more efficient one that will reduce your overall consumption of it as a substance. While there are some startup costs associated with converting your home from oil to natural gas, the savings over the life your home can be significant. Consider making the switch to natural gas today.

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