US Fracking Bringing America Back into the Golden Age

With all of the recent press on alternative energy sources fracking and oil shale seem to have been put off to the side. While research of renewable energy sources is important currently oil shale is the most widely used energy source in America with the United Sates being the top oil producer. For a happy, healthy America we need to utilize the tools that we presently have which will enable us to move into a bright future. EIA estimates total U.S. gas production from 2012 to 2040 will increase 56 percent, with natural gas from shale the leading contributor.

Hydraulic fracturing is a combination of advanced hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, commonly referred to a “fracking”. After the well is drilled a mixture of water, sand, and trace additives are pumped into the well, the sand creates small fractures that leak out the oil. This is a method used to retrieve oil from deep within shale and other mineral deposits. This method is used to create new oil wells and to stimulate old wells to produce more oil.

Fracking has benefits to the United States such as increased trade leverage and monetary gains. We’re also seeing a hoard of benefits to the common wealth of America. Most states have been seeing great savings at the gas pump, a notable improvement from the all-time highs of 2012 and 2013. The most surprising benefit, gas bills have been dropping $13 billion per year in recent years. That’s an average of 200 dollars per American household. In some regions families are only saving 181 dollars, however some regions are gaining savings in excess of 432 dollars per person, per household. The money saved on gas goes into other areas of spending and re-stimulates the economy.

Incredibly, fracking has brought 2.1 million jobs to the United States to date. A final thought on fracking, horizontal drilling along with proper well construction and fracking water recycling can all help to minimize the environmental impact of fracking. With this industry booming America should take advantage of the boost its giving the economy and our pockets, meanwhile research and development of alternative energy resources will only increase the potential of our great country and aid to the effectiveness of our country as a whole.